SinkSuds Travel Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap + Odor Eliminator for All Fabrics Including Delicates

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  • WASHING FACE MASK: No more waiting for a full load of laundry to wash your fabric masks. Quickly, safely, and easily wash face masks right from the convenience of your sink, bathtub, or while camping and traveling
  • PREMEASURED + EASY TO USE: Simply add 1 packet to wash 2-3 garments in a sink, or 3-4 packets for a resort sized stacking washer. Can also be used in sinks, bathtubs, collapsible basins, or washing machines
  • ALL FABRIC TYPES: SinkSuds is safe enough for all water temperatures and fabrics and will not shrink, stretch, or fade clothing; it’s even gentle enough for use with delicates or baby clothing!
  • TSA COMPLIANT: Meets the 3-1-1 TSA guidelines for carry-ons, and easily fits in your backpack, gym bag, duffel, purse or diaper bag. Perfect for vacation, business trips, cruises, backpacking adventures, international or domestic travel, or any extended hotel stay, etc.
  • INCLUDES: 8 - 0.25 fl oz sink packets of SinkSuds; phosphate free and biodegradable
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