The Ways to Use a Shemagh Tactical Scarf & How to Wear it !

The Shemagh has been used for years by people in the Middle East who wrap it around their head and neck as protection from both sun and sand. People of other regions  also use it extensively when in that region or in other hot, arid places.

As a cool down

Instead of just using it to prevent sunburn, wet it before tying it around your head and it will actually make you feel cooler.

As a warm layer

Wear a shemagh scarf under a hat or hood for extra warmth in cold weather.

As dust protection

Even if you don’t live in a very sandy or dust storm prone region, it makes great protection from sawdust, grass clippings, or other flying particles.

As a bag

Tie the corners and carry anything in the middle.

As a pillow

Wad it into a ball or even stuff it with leaves or grass. It makes a good substitute pillow whether you’re in a survival situation or a long car or bus ride.

As a sling

While it may not be best for long term use in this capacity, a shemagh scarf great for an injuryacquired while camping or hiking.

As a bandage

Again, use it for simple first aid while out in nature or otherwise distant from civilization.

As a towel

It’s large enough to easily fill in for a towel or even a small blanket in a survival situation.

As a water filter

While any water filtered through a scarf should still be boiled if possible, it’s good for filtering both small and large particles

As a fashion accessory
Wear it around your neck without covering your head. It is, after all, a scarf, and it comes in several different fashion friendly colors.


BONUS uses for a shemagh scarf!

Use it as an emergency changing pad.
Use it to cover park benches or other dirty seating areas.
Tie it around the handle of your stroller to help you identify it in stroller parking areas.
How to wear
1.Make a triangle out of your shemagh.
2.Cover your forehead with the folded edge, placing it in the middle of your forehead and making sure that the ends are equal both left and right.
3.Place the right side of the shemagh under the chin, by taking its end towards your left side and over the left shoulder. Hold it steady with your left hand.
4.Place the left side of the shemagh over your face, by using your right hand and pulling it to your right. Make sure both your nose and mouth are covered.
5.Secure the two ends with a knot behind your head. Make sure the knot is pretty tight, so that the keffiyeh does not fall from your nose. However, it should not be too tight because you might still want to breathe.
6.Make the required modifications to suit you better. If you do not need to cover your mouth and nose, but just your head, pull the lower part down. If you donât need to cover your head either, pull the top part down too and you get a nice looking scarf.
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